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So, just last night I was witness to the biggest display of awesomeness I've ever... well, witnessed! PEELANDER-Z just played two shows here in Arizona. I could only go to the first one because despite the fact the band could have gotten us to the show, my friend and I would have had no way of getting home; I guess the show after had about 14 bands and they would have had a very small set, and wouldn't be able to do all the fun stuff anyways =/. It was a small show, about a dozen people at the most, so there was plenty of room for them to do their full stage performance. I'd post the pictures I took on my phone, but I hadn't realized how small the resolution was. I snagged two posters [and got them each signed by all three PEELANDERS], a shirt, 2 stickers, and 5 pins [and PEELANDER PINK gave me anonther pin for free xD]. Oh and PEELANDER Blue said I was cute xD <444
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